Picture Library - NE highlight

With 1 million+ specimens, the Natural Environment section is Te Papa's largest treasure house, albeit with most specimens hidden in the collections' vaults. To make more of those accessible via Collections Online, a specialized Natural Environment imaging team (Jean-Claude Stahl and Raymond Coory) were handed the technical challenges inherent in imaging amoebas to zebras,  fluffy to shiny, to jelly-like models that can be glued, pickled, pinned or stuffed, and where heads and tails are not often in the expected location, let alone shape.


Last year's focus has been on continuing the imaging of biological reference specimens or types (eg among Protozoa and Nematodes), diversifying the collection samples viewable online (eg iconic fossils, Dinosaur tracks), and illustrating some of the new pages of narratives (eg Te Papa's egg collection and remarkable bird specimens).